Jean-François ARNAUD

Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France - M.O.F. Pâtissier 2000


Coming from a family of pastry chefs, from one generation to another, I was awarded the title: “Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France en septembre 2000 pâtisserie confiserie”, One of the Best Pastry Chef of France for Pastry and Confectionary. After ten years of service with Christian Lacoste in Toulouse in pastry catering & events, I joined Yves Thuries in Cordes-sur-ciel whereby I undertook the task of overlooking the operation of a unique sugar museum, doing permanent exposition of sugar artwork pieces in glass displays. During this period of time, I was responsible for pastry recipes contribution in the Thuriès Magazine monthly as well as a trainer for professional pastry workshops. Little by little, I evolved and started to conduct pastry programmes for the Pastry National School of Yssingeaux and for the French Culinary School In Asia, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

Today, after having contributed to Thuriès group, I devote myself to training others, offering consultancy services and the creating unique sugar art pieces as well as desserts for events. I wish to continue and share my passion for this work in all its simplicity, to communicate my knowledge and awareness when it comes to the usage of products in line with the commercial demand.

The technical knowledge and the knowledge of ingredients are the keys to success, but without Love, without the feeling to give and to give all, without personal investment, artisanal pastry would never be a luxury product that we all envy so.

Let our profession be only pleasure and joy, source of satisfactions, from the morning croissant to the unique sugar show piece, for our clients to adore it, isn’t it the spirit of our vocation?